Where is the former nursery site?

The former nursery site is a vacant land parcel located on Salvado Road, Jolimont between the Wembley Sports Park and Henderson Park. Mabel Talbot Park is located to the south-east of the site, while the Cambridge Street retail and commercial strip is one block (approximately 200m) to the north.
The site was previously used as a plant nursery by the City of Perth, until it ceased operation in 1994 when the Town of Cambridge was created. The site has remained vacant since then.

What is being proposed to happen with the site?

Under an agreement between the Town of Cambridge and the State Government, it is proposed that the former Nursery Site will be developed for residential purposes, consistent with Directions 2031. LandCorp will develop the land for the State Government and will be working closely with the Town throughout the development process.

What is Directions 2031?

Directions 2031 is a State Government Planning Policy which sets the principles for a future Perth designed to sustainably accommodate population growth and economic development. Development of the former Nursery Site will assist the Town of Cambridge meet its housing targets set out in Directions 2031.

What will the redevelopment look like?

The development will feature a range of attractive and contemporary housing types from single houses to low and medium rise apartments in a parkland setting. Pedestrian and cycle connections, linking the area’s surrounding green spaces and amenities, will be a strong feature of the development. 
The agreement between LandCorp and the Town of Cambridge identifies a minimum target of 200 residential dwellings for the site. The Concept Plan that is currently available for comment shows the potential number of dwellings to be closer to 300, whilst still ensuring the concept development layout is appropriate for the site’s location and context.

What planning approvals will be required for the site to be developed?

Firstly, the site needs to be zoned Residential under the local Town of Cambridge Town Planning Scheme. A rezoning proposal for the site was advertised for public comment between 9 August and 20 September 2013 and is currently being considered by the Western Australian Planning Commission.
Secondly, an Outline Development Plan (ODP) will require the approval of the Town of Cambridge and the Western Australian Planning Commission. The ODP will provide details of future roads, land uses and residentialdensities, and will need to be approved following the rezoning of the site. The ODP will be subject to a separate public comment period in the future.
Lastly, Design Guidelines will be prepared to ensure the highest quality buildings and landscaping is developed at the site.
All of the above approval processes will involve community engagement and public advertising.

How will traffic access the site?

Traffic will access the site primarily from Salvado Road, with alternative access available from the Wembley Sports Park access road.  This includes a direct connection to Selby Street. LandCorp and the Town of Cambridge will work to ensure that vehicular access points into the site are designed and located to minimise any impacts on existing residents.

Will the existing roads south of the site be extended into the development?

Halesworth Road, Perry Lane and Peel Street, all terminate at the site’s southern boundary and will not be extended into the development.

What will happen to the trees on the site?

Although most of the site has been cleared as part of its past use as a plant nursery, high quality landscape outcomes, including the potential for retention and / or relocation of existing trees, will be integral to the development.
The mature trees on Henderson Park, which abut the site’s eastern boundary, will not be impacted by the development.

Is the site contaminated?

Investigations by LandCorp’s environmental consultants have confirmed that there is no significant sub-surface contamination of the site.

When will construction start on site?

Works on site are likely to commence in 2015, subject to all required statutory approvals being in place. Prior to any construction commencing on site, Traffic, Noise and Dust Management Plans will need to be developed and approved.

When will land be made available for sale?

The first land should be released for sale in mid to late 2015.

How is the forum moderated?

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Can I only make comments about LandCorp projects online?

Online engagement is a new way for LandCorp to engage with key stakeholders and the community. We will be using online engagement to compliment, not replace, tradtional face to face engagement activities, including information sessions, open days and workshops.
For Jolimont, you can also meet the project team and provide your comments at one of our information sessions - see the key dates for more details.

Who is LandCorp and what do we do?

LandCorp is the Government of Western Australia’s land and property delivery agency. By identifying and implementing a diverse range of urban infill projects we assist Local Government to meet their affordability and density targets, often done in conjunction with the private sector.