Growing Kalgoorlie-Boulder Q&A

What is a Growth Plan?

A Growth Plan is a socio-economic development strategy that supports the growth of a sustainable, modern and competitive regional centre.  It will seek to strengthen Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s economy by identifying opportunities and responding to barriers to job creation, business development, investment attraction and economic growth.

How is the Growth Plan created?

In order for the Growth Plan to truly represent the economic potential of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, local knowledge and ideas must be cultivated from within the community and be supported by robust economic analysis. Consultation is a critical component of the Growth Plan process and will be conducted in a diverse manner so all members of the community can contribute to this important process.

Why Kalgoorlie-Boulder?

The CKB and the GEDC consider that this process will provide an important opportunity to plan for the long term sustainable development of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and to develop the economic and social infrastructure required to support the demands and expectations of a growing population.

The State Government, through the Department for Regional Development, is supporting the development of the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Growth Plan under the RCDP in recognition of its strategic importance as a regional centre and of the need to promote and manage its significant potential for future growth.

Phase one of the RCDP involved the delivery of the nine SuperTowns and the Pilbara Cities initiatives.  Phase 2 supports the development of Growth Plans in a further nine Regional Centres.  Kalgoorlie-Boulder is one of four regional centres identified for the development of Growth Plans in 2016.

The Growth Plan is also timely as it provides the opportunity to build on previous strategic planning in the region and in particular to complement and build on the Goldfields-Esperance Regional Investment Blueprint.

Who is overseeing this process?

A local Growth Plan Partnership (GPP), chaired by the CKB, has been established to oversee and drive the growth planning process and to establish the institutional foundations that will drive future economic growth in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. This group consists of a broad cross-section of government, non-government organisations and community members and has  ownership over the process.

The GPP will:

Lead the vision and direction for Kalgoorlie-Boulder through the growth planning process.

Own the growth plan at the completion of the process and help drive the outcomes that are identified through the Growth Plan.

Have a shared understanding of the various drivers of different industries and sectors across Kalgoorlie-Boulder and work together for a mutually beneficial future.